A study performed by Brazilian researchers shows that both body composition and performance improvements were gained from a strength training regimen and regular consumption of green tea.

Previous evidence has showed that athletes benefit from consuming green tea daily by reducing inflammation after rigorous workouts, improving recovery time.

Highlights from this study:

Purpose – to demonstrate how overweight women can benefit from consuming green tea on a regular basis, body composition benefits specifically.

Method – researchers had all participants go on a calorie restricted diet for 4 weeks prior to start. The women were then divided up into 4 groups for an 8 week period.
@ A placebo group.
@ A group that drank 10 grams of green tea powder twice daily.
@ A group that strength trained.
@ A group that strength trained and drank green tea.

You can click on the link to see the results from each group, but the group that performed strength training and drank green tea twice daily had the best results regarding body composition improvements. This group also showed good gains in strength performance as well.

Take a look at the previous study I posted on this topic and compare the two. The previous study from the New York Times article discussed drinking green tea and exercising on a bicycle for one week’s time. This study uses strength training and a much longer test time.

Resources: Charles Poliquin tip# 569. Drink Green Tea to Lose Fat and Build Muscle: Pair it with Training for Best Results.

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Definition – Something to add to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency or extend or strengthen the whole.

Protein supplements should be used to make incomplete, high carbohydrate meals, complete meals.  Protein powders are also very effective when used after strength training workouts in combination with a carbohydrate liquid or powder.  Pancakes are a traditional breakfast for Americans.  There are also very high in carbohydrates and typically low in protein.  There aren’t alot of people who are looking to lose weight that should be consuming such a high carbohydrate to protein and fat ratio.  You can do a couple of things to continue consuming this for breakfast if it something you really like.

Grilled chicken

1.  Add real food protein to the meal either on the side or combined with the pancake mix.  Eggs are a great option.  Some people do not like eggs.  So go to option 2.

2.  Add cottage cheese to the pancake mix.  You don’t like cottage cheese?  Option 3.

3.  Add a protein powder to the pancake mix to narrow the carbohydrate to protein and fat gap.  If you don’t like the protein powder than find something protein that you do like.  This same technique can be used with oatmeal as well.  Eggs on the side, cottage cheese on the side, protein powder mixed in, or a protein shake mixed with water on the side.   

Your first option should always be to use whole foods, or a food.  Powders should be a supplementary option.  Protein powders are good to use as post exercise (particularly strength training) drinks due to their quicker absorption rate than solid protein like a chicken breat or red meat.  John Berardi of Precision nutrition seems to think that ” Liquid nutrition is paramount post workout.”  Berardi has a PHD in nutrition, so I am going to listen to what he has to say before anyone else.  Chicken and meat take a lot longer to digest and get transported to broken down muscle tissue than a liquid protein drink.  The ideal post workout protein drink for someone looking to lose body fat should be at a 2(carbohydrate) to 1 (protein) ratio.  For example, 60 grams of milk or carbohydrate powder (mixed with water) to 30 grams of protein.  If you are someone who trains for endurance then your post workout mixture should have a higher carbohydrate component.  A 4 to 1 ratio would be more appropriate.   

Conclusion.  If weight loss is the goal then try and keep meals to a 2 to 1 carbohydrate to protein ratio.  Use powders as a supplement and to make incomplete meals complete.  There may be some of you wondering ” Well what about healthy fats as a component to a complete healthy meal.”  And you should be.  Flax seed and fish oils can be added to any post workout drink.  Fish oil pills or liquids can be consumed with any meal.  Lastly, consuming fish like salmon with have all the protein and omega 3 fatty acids you need for a complete meal. 

Check back tomorrow to see what experts think about milk and dairy products as good protein choices.


Many in the health field feel that consuming too much protein will have a negative effect, and could even lead to kidney and liver damage.  There has been no research to support these claims.  I can remember hearing this when I was in high school.  Still there has been no research done to shed a light on to whether it is true. 


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Once again the DIE -T pill industry strikes again.  Last week CNN  reported, and you know it’s true if CNN reported it, that the FDA has ordered Iovate Health Sciences Inc. of Oakville, Ontario to recall 14 of their popular weight loss products. Reason for the recall is consumption of this product has been linked to 23 cases of liver damage, disease and even one death to use of the company’s products.

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