Monday and Wednesday nights starting on June 6th the CORE Boot Camp program and Newton Recreation Department will be launching it’s first installment of the Barebll Bridal Boot Camp!  This program will add lean muscle to participant’s bodies, in turn skyrocketing their metabolism through the roof and melting excess body fat away.  Participants will NOT get bigger.  This is open to brides and their bridesmaid’s.  Grooms and groomsmen are also welcome.  Any grooms looking to increase muscle mass can do so by following a different protocol than the brides, but still be in the same class.  Clink the link below for all information.

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Spring is here and soon will be the beach season.  Time to reshape waistlines and feel better about disrobing on the hot sandy beaches of Massachusetts.  We currently have 6am classes Monday through Friday in two different locations and a 7am class on Saturday.  Coming soon are 7am classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 69 Tyler Terrace in Newton Center, Ma.  Starting next September will we be offering 9am classes at the Newton Center location.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are in Newton Lower Falls for early morning workouts.  Switch over to our partner site at www.newtonmabootcamp.comfor registration information.


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GS Fitness - will help you deal with little aches and pains that have nagged you for what seems to be forever.  From low back to hip to tennis elbow.   

GS Fitness -  After a careful assessment of your health history, will design a fitness program specifically for your needs and goals.

12 years experience, master’s degree in exercise science, you are in good hands with GS Fitness.  I take fitness very seriously.  If it isn’t for our health, what do we have?


Check us out today and schedule your complimentary fitness assessment.

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Attention residents of Newton Ma!  CORE Boot Camp is getting ready for it’s summer season.  We are also celebrating our 1st anniversary in May 2010.  Yaaaay…  I want to take a few sentences to explain the program.

First of all, there is no reason to fear the word boot camp.  Participants workout at a level that is challenging to them.  So that will mean one thing to our 65 year old male participant, and it will mean something else to our female 30 some-thing’s in the group.  Two very different demographic exercising in the same class at a relative, challenging intensity.  There is no pressure to keep up with someone next to you.  If you want to give it a try to challenge yourself by all means do so, if you don’t feel comfortable trying to then don’t.  Work at your own pace.  We have some participants who run during the running /conditioning portion of the class and others who walk.

Here is a list of some of the exercises that are used in the program:

  1. Lunges
  2. Body weight squats
  3. Thrusters
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Push ups
  6. Squat to rows

go to to see videos of some of these exercises.

These exercises are compound exercises, meaning they use multiple muscle groups to create a larger metabolic effect.  The more muscles, and larger muscles used will have a bigger impact on burning off unwanted body fat.  If you don’t need to lose then this program can help you maintain the shape that you are already in.

A typical class will look like this:

Dynamic warm-up - using total body stretches while moving, promoting joint range of motion and increasing bloodflow.  These stretches,  by design, will resemble some of the exercises we perform in the actual class .

Core stabilization and strengthening - We then move to the CORE muscles.  All muscles that surround your waist line, glutes and smaller muscles of the upper back for good posture during closed chain (exercises with feet on the ground ) exercises.  Using these muscles first will enhance their participation in exercises to come, and boost effectiveness of the overall exercises.

Total body exercises – See description of compound exercises above, multi joint/ muscle movements that get your heart pumping and your body burning fat.

Conditioning - Just before we stretch we do conditioning.  4-6 minutes of short burst, intense exercise.  This is where people have the option to walk.  Sometimes we run and sometimes we use body weight exercises like push ups and jumping jacks.

Stretch- We then cool down and stretch with yoga inspired movements that will have you feeling as if you are far, far away from all life’s little stressors.

So what are you waiting for?  This is a great program for adults who don’t have time to exercise later in the day or morning and want to reclaim or maintain their bodies.  It has all the fitness components involved so you won’t need other classes on top of this.  The schedule is as follows.

Tuesday and Thursday 6am – 6:45am

Saturday 7am – 8am (time subject to change)

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     A qualified, smart, professional instructor like the one’s at CORE Boot camp in Newton Center Ma. and soon to be Lower Falls Community Center at 545 Grove Street in Newton Lower Falls, will work around your limitations.  And let’s face it, all of us over the age of 25 have some form of musculoskeletal or postural inefficiency.  If it isn’t right for you I won’t make you do it! 

     The ” Boot Camp” term is used in alot of different industries today, most commonly in the fitness industry.   It means intensive and results driven.  That DOES NOT mean what you see on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  Those people are being tortured; make no mistake about it people what if you treated your pet like the contestants are treated on The Biggest Loser you would be put in jail right next to Michael Vick.  My program is not like that at all.  It is progressive; meaning there are less intense weeks followed by more intense weeks of exercise.  The first and most common mistake exercisers make is not increasing their intensity from week to week.  people seem to do the same walk around the block or 30 minutes on the elliptical and wonder why nothing is happening.  In addition to increased intensity recovery weeks need to be considered as well.  Periods where exercise is a little less intense to promote recovery and enhance results.

     This is what the CORE Boot Camp program in Newton Ma. is all about.   A professionally planned exercise regimen that is safe, effective and fun for all.  Ask about our free trial and referral incentive program.

M,W,F at the Lower Falls Community Center in Newton Ma. 545 Grove Street.

Tues & Thurs at the Newton Center Playground 69 Tyler Terrace.

Ask about our free trial, ask about our referral program.

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     I just came from a meeting with Ruth Soper who is a structural energetic therapist and massage therapist.  Ruth performed some strength assessments on my upper and lower body to diagnose weak links that I might have.  She found that my left leg seemed weaker than the right and theorized that after the treatment there should be a smaller gap in strength between the two legs.  Which is important if someone is active, like I am.  Just think about running; one leg being stronger might have a better leg turnover and range of motion, in turn hitting the ground harder then the weaker leg, in turn causing more trauma on that side resulting in a muscle imbalance.   She then started her treatment with cranial work.  Stating that she was performing myofascial release on my cranium to aid in leveling out my hips.  Ruth then moved on to the lower body starting with my quads.  She worked her way around my whole body front to back and side to side.  The session flew by.  Towards the end of the treatment Ruth re-assessed my strength especially the legs and found that there was a decrease in the strength deficit between the two sides.  A positive sign.  The better balanced the body is the more efficiently it operates.  Thanks Ruth!!  Looking forward to the next treatment.

     If you’ve been feeling acute or chronic pain don’t wait until it becomes a big problem.  Let a professional like Ruth Soper diagnose and fix the problem.  Low back, shoulder or any musculoskeletal issue.  Ruth works out of Newton on 81 Wyman Street Suite 2 on Tuesday and Thursday.  She is in Quincy at 14 Alleyne Street on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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     That’s right folks.  Newton’s biggest and best boot camp program will soon be offered at two different locations.  The Newton Center Playground in Newton Center Ma. and starting April 26th at the Lower Falls Community Center in Newton Lower Falls Ma.  M,W,F at Lower Falls and T & Th in Newton Center.  Don’t miss out!

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     Citizens of Newton Ma. if you haven’t realized it yet the summer season is just around the corner.  Still plenty of time to get back into shape before you hit the beach with your family and friends.  CORE Boot camp is located in Newton Center Ma. at the Newton Center Playground (makes sense).  The ground will be drying out soon enough and we can expect to move our indoor class to the great outdoors.  Don’t miss out on a fun filled, fitness workout.  Tuesday and Thursday at 6am – 6:45am.  We have a Saturday time slot available from 7:30am – 8:30am as well. 

     CORE boot camp is quite simply the most effective way to strengthen and tone your core! (midsection).  Total body exercises and core strengthening exercises with a touch of interval training at the end to boost your metabolism rate.

 Here are a couple of the exercises we use in our class.

Wood choppers

Squat thrusts

More exercises to come!  Check out schedule and registration information at  Or contact me directly,

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Calling all brides in Newton Massachusetts,

Calling all brides in Newton Massachusetts,

     Bridal Boot camp is here.  Get in the best shape of you life for the biggest day of your life!  ” Not So Basic Training ” in Newton Center Ma. is the program you want to join to prepare for this very special moment. 


LOCATION:  Newton Center Playground inside ” the hut” during inclement weather.  Outside on the fields during spring, summer and fall months. 

SCHEDULE:  Tuesday and Thursday from 6am – 6:45am.  Saturday morning from 7:30am – 8:30am.

START DATE:  Tuesday March 2nd – Thursday April 29th 2010.  Program runs year round!

Not a morning person?  Try our ” Back to Basics” weight loss program on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7pm – 8pm, and Saturday morning from 7:30 – 8:30am.  This program promises the same great results without a total schedule upheaval. 

Check for more information.

Call Gregg @ 617-968-5539


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