Here are some pictures of a guy in the fitness boot camp program.  He started to feel some discomfort in his shoulder not too long ago. I asked to have him come by early and assess the situation, so I took some pictures of his posture before we did any exercises and here are two of them below:

Here is an aterior view before exercises.


Here is a posterior view before exercises.

If you look at the picture where he is facing us, he is tilted to the side (right) with his left foot turned out and his weight shifted to the right. Look at the back picture and you see the unevenness of the shoulders. Again, he was having some shoulder pain so all of the deviations are important to note.  One shoulder is higher than the other as well.  We did three different exercises for the pelvis area of his body; approximately 10 minutes or less and here is how he stood after.

Here is the posterior view after the exercises.




Here is the anterior view after the exercises.


A pretty big difference. Look at his feet how they are almost perfectly straight ahead, the shoulders in both pictures are almost perfectly balanced. And the exercises we did were for his pelvis, not his shoulder. The center of gravity is where the deviations originate, throwing off everything above and below it. His shoulder pain has reduced significantly, we are still staying away from things that might cause a problem to the shoulder, but we have it under control now.  If this hadn’t come to light he would’ve kept going and maybe even hurt the shoulder to a greater degree where he needed physical therapy.  Which all they would’ve done was treat the symptoms by working the shoulder area, and not the cause which was the deviated pelvis.  So, now he doesn’t need therapy at all as long as he listens to me and his shoulder area.  A misaligned center of gravity will put additional, undue stress on other parts of the body causing pain and if untreated, injury.

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