After a visit to see Dr. Ken Lowey of Newton Center Chiropractic  I can feel my right glute working again.  For awhile I could feel myself getting tighter on the right side.  It went all the way up to the oblique area on my right.  I could definitely feel a difference between the two sides as far as flexibility, which inhibited my strength training.  After two treatments from Dr. Lowey I can feel the right gluteus medius more active during exercise.  Dr. Lowey mentioned it is common in people who do or have done a lot of squatting and dead lifting to have one hip slightly more forward than the other due to compressive forces.  This would hinder the muscles around that joint preventing them from  fully flexing, extending, abducting or adducting.  The temporary reduction in function of these muscles put additional stress on other muscles and joints.  Specifically the knee joint.  I have also had a history of Achilles tendinitis on that side. 


The last time I ran on the treadmill after the treatments I was able to run .5 mph faster than I usually do.  Due in large part to increased range of motion of my right hip and recruitment of muscles that I had not been recruiting as efficiently as I had in the past.

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