The outdoor season is upon us here in Newton, Ma.  That means one thing for the participants in the CORE Boot Camp program, it’s sledding season!  Here are three great sled conditioning exercises that are great leg and glute shapers ladies, as well as being a great exercise for fat loss conditioning.

The sled push is one of the leg and glute shapers I was talking about ladies.  The biomechanics of this exercise put the emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes.  Also if done in a set of 6-10 reps with 60-90 recovery it is by far one of the best fat loss exercises a person can do.

The sled drag is similar to the push.  This version allows for more power developed from the contra-lateral arm swing needed.  Like the push, when done at maximum effort for 6-10 reps there is no better way to boost metabolic rate and burn fat.

Last but certainly not least is the bear crawl/sled drag combination.  A miserably effective exercise for lower body strengthening and shaping and fat loss.

If you’re into summer sledding and fitness, we’ve got you covered at CORE Boot Camp in Newton, Ma.  Sign up for two free classes to try it out and start your journey to the best physical condition of your life today!

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