Massacusetts residents have spent a lot of time indoors the past 3-4 weeks.  This is an understatement.  Record amounts of snowfalls have cancelled work, closed downs stores and fitness centers leaving people to their own means fo multiple days in a row.  Excuses for not getting out to the gym are easy to come up with if the thermometer reads in the negative numbers and parking bans are in effect.  Nobody says you have to go to a gym to get your workout in.  Staying active and preventing a slump is vital to your health.  Here are four ways health is compromised when not workng out.

1.  Blood pressure rises – this is instant effect.  Blood pressure is lower on days you exercise ( afterwards) than days you don’t.  Within a month of not exercising hardenening arteries and veins will raise blood pressure back to your pre exercise state.  To the point where it will seem like you never started exercising to begin with.  Don’t let this happen!

2.  Blood sugar increases – After just five days of not exercising post meal blood glucose levels remain elevated.  When active, muscle tissue and energy systems will utilize blood glucose for muslce and energy system repair.  If there are no muscles or systems to repair the blood glucose will remain in the bloodstream.  This can lead to badthings such as diabetes.

3.  Muscles atrophy – nothing being written here is earth shattering news, but these are easy things to forget.  Strength will stay longer than endurance, but after 2 weeks of complete rest muscles will start to atrophy leading to lower strength and higher body fat percentage.

4.  Brain suffers – one very important organ that doesn’t look good in a bathing suit is the brain.  Yet it is still very important to keep it in shape through exercise.  Two weeks of inactivity have shown to leave regualar exercisers tired and grumpy.  Rat studies presented at a recent Society for Neuroscience Conference suggests animals that stop moving for a week grow fewer new brain cells and do worse on maze tests than those that adhere to a steady wheel running routine.(1)



1.  Men’s Health:  6 Ways Your Health Suffers When You Stop Working Out.

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