Living in the northeastern part of the country has been no picnic this winter. Record amounts of snow fall have kept people inside and off of their regular health routine. It’s easy to waste a snow day on the couch munching on Doritio’s and processed snacks alike. Don’t let this happen. Soup is not just a warm, comfort food option; it’s got many health benefits as well. Here are 3 big reasons you should drop the Doritio’s and fire up the stove tops to heat up some soup.

1. Vegetables – Almost all soups have some vegetables in them. If it’s a canned soup that doesn’t, you can always add your own to boost it’s nutrient density. Soups can be made with as many vegetables as possible, almost any vegetable lends itself to use in soup.

2. Nutrients – to elaborate further on the above point about vegetables and nutrients, soups with lean proteins and beans are a great way to get all the macronutrients needed in one food option. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene ( an antioxidant that might help reduce the risk of cancer ). Vegetable based soups contain vitamins A and C, creamy based soups supply calcium and vitamin D.

3. Filling – because soup contains so much liquid it fills the stomach with fewer calories. A chicken and rice soup can provide a feeling if satuety equal to a meal containing chicken, potatoes and any other sides only with fewer calories.

1. American Heart Association: About Fruits and Vegetables.
2. Kansas State University: January is National Soup Month.

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