Main nutritional goals during the marathon are to keep the body hydrated and to keep the carbohydrates coming in for later in the race.  Runners need to consume things that quickly move from the stomach through the intestines and into the blood stream for use by skeletal muscles. 

Start consuming gu packs a little more than half way through the race.  Approximately two hours if you are a four hour marathoner.  make sure you consume water with each GU pack.  The water will help your body digest and absorb properly.

Drink Gatorade when not consuming Gu packs.  Gatorade was designed for athletic events.  Especially long duration events.  Use it!!  There is no magical combination of water to Gatorade.  But Gatorade does have sodium to aid in water retention.  It also contains simple sugars (carbohydrates) for fast digestion and then use by your body. 

Don’t consume anything with too high of a carbohydrate or sugar concentration.  Like bananas or candy.  Stick to the sports drinks.  To reiterate they were designed for this type of athletic event.  Too high a sugar content will pull fluids out of your blood stream and into your gut.  Dehydrating you.

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