Primary goals of post race nutrition are to replenish the body’s supply of water and electrolytes  (Primarily sodium and potassium) and carbohydrates. The weather cooperated yesterday for the most part.  Slight overcast for most of the day with temperatures in the high 40′s and low 50′s.  Great day to run. 

Gatorade and similar sports drinks do exactly this.  Accelerade may even be a better option due to it’s protein content that Gatorade does not have.  Research is being done as we speak on that topic.   


Also a carbohydrate rich meal combined with protein and healthy fats will stimulate the synthesis of muscle glycogen (storage form of carbohydrate) more so than just a carbohydrate rich meal.  Think chicken parmigiana.  The perfect post race meal.  Carbohydrates, protein and some fats.  And it will probably taste really good after running 26.2 miles. 

Yesterday’s race was yet another great race in the long history of the Boston Marathon.  The women’s finish came right down to the end with the American Kara Goucher being beaten out by Salina Kosgei from Kenya  who ran a magnificent race. 

  With less than one mile left in the race, Salina Kosgei of Kenya and Dire Tune of Ethiopia pull away from American Kara Goucher.

Ryan Hall, the men’s American representative also finished third behind some very strong competition from Ethiopia and Kenya.


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