No.  Not necessary and here’s why.  Let me start by saying that you do need make a conscious effort to make sure you have complex carbohydrates in your meals during training and during these next few days prior to the race.  But DO NOT go above and beyond the regular amounts you would normally consume.  Loading up too much can effect your performance, weigh you down.


Reason being- chances are your body is in a moderatley (glycogen) depleted state from months of training.   When your body’s glycogen stores are depleted; the next time it senses carbohydrates coming in it will make sure it holds on to them and eventually store them as glycogen both in muscle and in the liver.  So with a decreased running schedule the week before the marathon regular consumption of carbohydrates should replete your glycogen stores sufficiently.   

Second - your body will become more efficient at utilizing fat as an energy source.  Long, low intensity exercise will favor using fat as an energy source (glycogen sparing).  Which is a good thing leaving you with more glycogen reserves for later in the race.


So no need to eat loads and loads of carbohydrates above and beyond your normal consumption.  Just make an effort to have quality, complex carbohydrates in your meal plan throughout training; not just the week before and you should be fine.   I would check with a registered dietition for further clarification if needed.   

I think we all know what carbodhydrates are but here are a few examples that are good to use.


Any kind of pasta.  I like to use multi grain barilla myself.


Potatoes, sweet or regular

Rices, preferable long grain wild or brown

Whole grain breads

The usual stuff there are no magical marathon foods. 


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